Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Daily Pencil Club

Hello there!

So, if you follow me on Instagram, or twitter you might have noticed that I've started up this little side project called #thedailypencil. The Daily Pencil is a post a day (ish!) on Instagram of my hand lettering work as a way to push myself to work creatively everyday. It's been really nice to see my style develop, looking back through the hash tag. Here are a few of my favourites..

I've been thinking recently that I'd love to make more of this. I'd love for other artists to be involved in some way. So as a starting point I've set up The Daily Pencil Club Tumblr page!

Basically what I would like from T.D.P.C is to make an online 'sketchbook' where anyone can submit work / links / ideas / sketches to be included (with an emphasis on hand lettering work) I would love for The Daily Pencil to become a fun, informal place to post work, share links and get feedback.

SO.. Do you love hand lettering and illustration? Would you like to be involved? (I'd like you to be!) Then you can do the following to be featured:

• Tag your work on Instagram or twitter (images are easier for me to find on Instragram though..) using the hashtag #thedailypencil or #thedailypencilclub

• Submit your work using the 'submit' box on the T.D.P.C front page.

You can also email submissions to thedailypencil AT

See you over there!

Steph xo

My Instagram: @stephsayshello
The Daily Pencil Tumblr.