Monday, 15 July 2013

Freelancer Life: Stay Positive

I kind of like to treat this blog a little like an open diary.. Where I just down idea's that basically anyone can read, and hopefully take something from if they need to. As a freelancer, staying positive is definitely one of those old chestnuts that I need reminding how to do every so often.

I always kind of assumed drawing for a living would be pretty much all happy days of drawing lovely things & getting paid for it. And really, for the most part, it kinda is. But I was never prepared for the emotional side of things. Tears, jealously, cabin fever, frustration & dare I say it.. Boredom. I'm hoping to write a series of posts on these.. But for now I want to share a few simple steps I use this keep my head up when I'm feeling a little down.

THINK GOOD: This sounds totally corny but remember compliments! Write them down! Whilst you're at it, write down what you've accomplished so far. You might not be where you want to be yet in your business, but everyone tends to forget even the smallest good things sometimes. It's good to be reminded of what you've succeeded so far (however small!) You'll be surprised how much that can perk you up when you're feeling low.

FEEL GOOD: Don't be afraid to take a break. It could be a half hour walk, a trip out for a cup of tea & a slice of cake, or it could be a few days being a slob in your PJ's. It is so important to recharge. I'm my own worst enemy for this. I tend to sit at my desk all day, eat at my desk, I essentially live here some days. It can terrible for your mood, your body (posture!) and your health, particularly if you're not in the greatest of moods to start with. Taking a break means coming back to a project with new eyes & a fresh outlook.

MAKE GOOD: This probably sounds really superficial but this really works for me so I'm throwing it in there. PRETTIFY YOUR LIFE! As an illustrator I'm a very visual person and my surroundings are so important to my mood. I don't have too much spare money to be spending on DIY projects (unfortunately!) so Pinterest has become my salvation. Put washi tape on EVERYTHING. Thrift some old furniture & repaint it. Make a mini terrarium. Grow some succulents (I've heard they're totally hipster and cool rn ;)  There are some great DIY & craft idea's you can check out here.

DO GOOD & GOOD STUFF HAPPENS: I'm talking about karma. Even if it's not a thing - I'm a firm believer in.. I can't believe I of all people am going to say this.. The power of positive thought *cringe* Even if it's a little bit forced, even if you feel a little bit stabby inside. Just switch it off (I visualize a switch, for reals, it works for me) Negativity does you NO GOOD. It saps your energy, kicks you in the face & gives you spots (ok I made those last two up)

If all else fails.. Go eat cake. No brainer.

Steph xo


Pavinee s said...

I especially like the 'prettify your life' part. Recently, I have just rearranged things on my mood board, put up something pretty and colorful, took a photo of it and posted it on facebook. It's got some compliments and actually made me feel good about it :)

Thanks for this nice article and eating cake does help :)

seelvana said...

wonderfullllll :B

Di said...

Yes chocolate and cake are picker uppers. And Negativity does give you spots -I'm convinced. Thanks for this cheery post.

Jo said...

Fabulous advice from every angle and I have felt the same with most of the points you have stated.
I'm moving very, very soon and I'm looking at that as a chance to reorganise and reinvent my working space. I can't wait.
Ps. My posture is feeling the strain too ; ) x

Lana {lanalou style} said...

Thanks for this post, loved it! Just what I needed to read... this week has been one of those!

Lücuma Volätil said...

Steph, where are you??? we really miss you!!!!!!!!!
happy new year! cheers from Argentina

leona hussey said...

Thank you. I needed to read this.

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