Friday, 8 March 2013

I Love You, Pinterest | February Board

1. Brad Woodard
2. Jayde Cardinalli
3. Tatsuro Kiuchi
4. Peyton & Bryne, London
5. Helen Dardik
6. Junzo Terada
7. Mizuki Goto

Hello! Can you believe it's March already? We seem to be flying through the year so far. That right there is my excuse for being a little behind with my Pinterest favourites - definitely not that I forgot or anything. No.

Anyway, for February I picked the word "Happy" in a attempt to lift my mood. I have to say it worked.. This task I've set myself is kinda fun, I've discovered some really beautiful art so far.

Have you discovered any new artists recently?

Steph xo


Tugba said...

What a lovely inspiring collection! My fav is the nautical monkey. He's a real cutie :-)

Steph Says Hello said...

Aw, he's my favourite too! I love his banana boat.

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