Monday, 25 March 2013

New Goodies

Hello & Happy Monday to you all!

I don't always post about my Etsy things on here but I have finally moved into the world of selling original art as well as prints so I thought I would share them with you. These are purely typographical pieces (my current favourite!) I hope you like them.

 I've started a mini series called "We go together like.. " Whats your favourite combo? Mines probably tea & biscuits. Although I'm ashamed to admit just how much I love mustard & tomato ketchup mixed together!

Do you have an Etsy shop? Please share!
Steph xo

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Salts Mill, Saltaire

I'm finally in possession of my lovely DSLR again so I thought I'd take the chance to snap a few photos of one of my all time favourite places on earth, Salt Mill. Salts Mill is a converted grade II listed mill (no way) housing art galleries (mainly featuring my all time favourite, David Hockey) lovely shops (including an arts materials shop & an out-of-this-world-good book shop) & delicious eateries. It could honestly only be better if they sold cupcakes & had resident cats to pet (although I'm pretty sure any place could be improved by those two things)

My favourite part to poke around is the 1853 Gallery (the name coming from the date in which the mill was built) It has some incredible pieces by David Hockey including his photo montages, which honestly got me into loving photography when I was younger. The place is filled with giant vases of lilies & they play the nicest classical music. It's a bit nice.

Honestly though, if you're ever in the area, or even just Yorkshire in general.. Please visit - you won' regret it. The village itself, Saltaire has lots of vintage shops & bakeries that are well worth a look. Oh, and there's always Shipley Glen Tramway & Robert's Park 

To sum up: Yorkshire rules.

| The Salts Diner amazing neon sign (amazing food too)

| L: The 1853 Gallery & R: The Bookshop

Friday, 8 March 2013

I Love You, Pinterest | February Board

1. Brad Woodard
2. Jayde Cardinalli
3. Tatsuro Kiuchi
4. Peyton & Bryne, London
5. Helen Dardik
6. Junzo Terada
7. Mizuki Goto

Hello! Can you believe it's March already? We seem to be flying through the year so far. That right there is my excuse for being a little behind with my Pinterest favourites - definitely not that I forgot or anything. No.

Anyway, for February I picked the word "Happy" in a attempt to lift my mood. I have to say it worked.. This task I've set myself is kinda fun, I've discovered some really beautiful art so far.

Have you discovered any new artists recently?

Steph xo