Friday, 22 February 2013

Magic Rabbit

I made an animation! It's the clunkiest thing ever (I did it frame by frame in Photoshop) but it moves!

What do you guys think?! I'm secretly quite proud of it.

Steph xo


Josephine said...

I like it, it's lovely!!! Did you use another programme to animate it?

Steph Says Hello said...

Aw, thank you! No, I did it all in Photoshop using the animation panel.

Tugba said...

So you should be proud, it's awesome! I would have no idea how to do that on Photoshop x

Steph Says Hello said...

Ha, thank you! It's actually quite easy when you get the hang of it x

Josephine said...

Oooh sounds very intriguing, I'll have to google it!! Thanks :) I love the m&s card!!!

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